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Monday, September 23, 2019

Back to the Doctors

I’ve a doctor’s appointment today and another one scheduled for early October. Today’s meeting is with my foot doctor. It’s just a follow up on the minor operation she did on my toe. The work she did came out much better than she expected it to. None of the potential problems she was worried about happened. This should go well.

The next meeting is a little more serious. This doctor is the one who got me admitted to the hospital for my leg infection. There are darn few doctors who’ve earned my respect over the years but he’s one of them. I’ve actually been following his suggestions. He put me on a water pill, an aspirin a day, and a low salt diet. I monitor my weight on a daily basis to see if I’m retaining water. I can tell if too much salt gets into my diet as its easy to put on pounds of weight in a day -and then lose it the next if I’m good.

I’ve friends my age who’ve had serious health scares. Fortunately for them, they’ve had good medical insurance and get regular check ups. Having no insurance, I’m one of those guys who has to be dragged into the doctor’s. It is sobering to think that had I had some of the issues my friends had, I’d be dead right now. By the time symptoms show up it would be too late.

Of course, I could have died back when I was 35 and went out on disability from the Fire Service. My doctor says I’m the longest lived of anyone who’s gone out on disability that he’s had as a patient. I must be doing something right.

To get health insurance right now I’d have to sell everything and move into a tiny apartment and do nothing. That would kill me, so what’s the point? Instead I’m going on adventures.



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    1. I think so. It's a shame that in many countries it's not a decision that has to be made. There's something wrong when you have to base your whole life around being able to get healhcare or not.

  2. I didn't have health care until I got old enough for Social Security. Had to pay medical bills out of my own pocket.

    1. I'm not even in the Medicare system so even when I'm 65 I'm out of luck -unless things change between now and then.

      Good news today. Foot doctor doesn't need to schedule any follow ups. It's healed really well.

  3. amen on healing and doing well. your traveling and being physical will save you more than anything else.

    1. That's how I feel about it. Last time I was traveling a lot I started feeling really really good. Hoping for a repeat.