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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


There are days when I’m on the ragged edge of giving up even trying to play by the rules. Right after getting out of the hospital my lovely wife, with the help of my son-in-law, filed paperwork with the hospital. They have a program that’s supposed to provide assistance for people without medical insurance. I didn’t fill any of it out as I was still tripping pretty high on pain meds.

Last week I called the hospital to check the status of my case. The person at customer assistance said that before they’ll cover me I need to apply for state aid first. She said she’d send me paperwork in the mail. First we hear of this. It came in on Friday. We had company from out of the state for the Easter weekend. Monday my lovely wife and I tackle the paperwork. Turns out it it was due on Tuesday. Good thing I pestered the hospital or the game would have been over without me knowing it.

Since time was of the essence we filled out the on-line form. Thank god my lovely wife was here to help me and keeps things on file. It took hours to fill out the on-line form. The system kept trying to log us out. It actually succeeded in doing that once and we had to redo a couple pages of info. Anyway, it was done on-time.

I’m pretty sure I don’t qualify for the state program, but the hospital requires I file for it. I started out pretty willing to pay for the bill, but was looking for a payment plan. The more they mess with me the better being in default looks. My credit rating would take a hit, but you only need credit to buy stuff you can’t afford anyway.

Every year I care less and less for playing by the rules.



  1. They seem to make things purposely difficult, I suppose so they can hang onto their money.

    1. Maybe. That would not surprise me. Also, the system is overloaded as a lot of people can't afford insurance here.

  2. You would think that because the hospital is more than willing to destroy a patients financial life, they would have some compassion and provide all the sources for benefits, even help fill out the forms.