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Thursday, October 22, 2020

A mile too far

We finally got a break in the weather and our schedule. The wind was calm and the temperature got close to 60. It was a good day to finally pull the sailboat out of the water. Next week mixed precipitation is expected.

I motored the sailboat over to the boat ramp while my lovely wife drove the boat trailer over. Loading went well. There was no one else at the ramp so no pressure. Taking the boom off and dropping the mast was a smooth operation. It looked like we were all set.

Part way around the lake one of the trailer tires blew. It was going to be replaced weeks ago, but I couldn’t get the old wheel off. The guy who put it on with a power wrench tightened it too much so I gave up. Only needed a couple more miles out of the old tire, but it was not to be.

Rather than try and mess around with it I drove the last mile with a flat tire, ten miles an hour the whole way. It’s safely in the driveway now. It’s much easier to change a tire in my driveway than on the side of the road.



  1. Don't know if you have compressed air and a rattle gun or not but every once in a while Harbor Freight has a 12 volt Impact Gun they put on sale that would be perfect for your needs.

    1. Just ordered a cordless impact gun on Amazon. I'm over 50 miles from the nearest Harbor Freight.

  2. A breaker bar with a six foot cheater, is what I use. Not recommended with a Harbor freight bar , or at real low temps...

    1. Broke a T wrench changing the Blazer brake pads this spring. Running low on wrenches. :)