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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Small town lesson

There are some lessons one learns pretty quick in a small town.

Don’t tailgate the manure spreader. It’ doesn’t matter how slow the tractor is going -wait. Give ‘em room.

Once there were these annoying folks from out of town -in a small convertible and with the top down. They got right up to the back of the spreader and honked their horn incessantly. Now that farmer is usually a pretty laid back fellow, but everyone has a limit. He turned the manure spreader on and slimed the heck out of that little car.

For pretty much the same reason, I try and keep my distance from politicians. You never know what might rub off on you.



  1. I've always heard that manure spreaders are the one machine that farm equipment dealers won't stand behind.

    1. Unlike gun dealers who always stand behind their product.

  2. Not THAT is funny, thanks for the laughs Sixbears.

  3. Very good comparison!! Couldn't agree more.

  4. LMAO, I need one of those manure spreaders here. When I drive into town, I have these college kids that like to drive on my back side, I can see it now, hehehehehe....