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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gotta hand it to me

I can barely lift a water glass with my left hand right now. However, I found a position where I can type a bit.

On the bright side, the nights have been close to freezing -not exactly the best boating weather. We aren't missing much. It supposed to warm up soon. With luck, the crew will be ready to sail.

Dad seems kinda happy to have us hanging around. It's tough when we live far apart. Dad and I have always gotten along well. I know I'm lucky that way.

My poor wife has to put up with two guys with twisted senses of humor, but she's dealing with it.



  1. Hope your hand is well by the time the weather turns good - for your wife's sake! ;-)

  2. Here's some twisted humor, I got offered a job doing the white water bit. But they wanted me to take a first aid- CPR course at my own expense. Which I refused to do. The guy asks me what I would do if someone needed CPR and I was the only person around....Easy says me, I tell them they gonna die.

    1. You are twisted . . . and I'm amused. Guess I'm twisted too.

  3. You know Sixbears, I envy you being able to hang out with your dad. Mine's been gone a long time, over forty years, and hardly a day goes by without me missing him.
    So perhaps the bad weather, your hand, are all things to keep you close to him for a while.
    Enjoy him...

    1. I know I'm lucky. That's why I'm not complaining too much about being delayed.