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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Burning Dinosaurs

It's a good thing the price of diesel is down. Conditions were too cold to run waste veggie in the van. In fact, it was almost too cold to burn diesel. Winter diesel used to be a blend of diesel and kerosene. They don't cut it with K1 anymore so it gels when it gets too cold. In case that happened while on the road I filled the veggie tank with diesel. With subzero temps and high winds, the diesel did cause problems. When the engine started to choke I'd switch to warmed diesel from the veggie tank for a while. It did the trick until temps got a bit warmer.

The veggie jugs were frozen solid when loaded into the van. They didn't thaw out enough to use until we got down to South Carolina. It cost me a few dollars on diesel up front, but now I've plenty of veggie for driving around Florida.

During out travels in Florida I noticed a local restaurant with an overflowing waste veggie tank. Their waste tank was full and there were about a dozen 4.5 gallon jugs piled up around the tank. Now that diesel has dropped so low there might not be as strong a market for biodiesel. Perhaps I'll be able to cut a deal with the restaurant. There were closed when I drove by, but I'll check them out later.

Is it worth it to handle WVO now that diesel is cheaper? I got into it when diesel got around $1/gallon. It was worth it for me back then. It's worth it for me now.



  1. good to find extra sources to tap along the way

    never know how long it lasts until it hits

    now maybe you could convince your florida friends to store a few extra drums for future emergencies or trips?

    either way no fuel makes your van a heavy paperweight......


    1. One thing about former ambulances, they have very strong suspensions.

      I do like keeping enough veggie on board for an extra thousand miles or so.

  2. Free is never anything to complain about.

  3. Waste not, want not; just leaves more shekels for fun.

  4. Our local hospital has a big tank outside they put waste frying oil in. Then they pay someone to come pick it up. I always wondered why nobody local got it for their truck.

    1. I bet the hospital is concerned about liability issues. I've run into that before.

  5. Cant hurt to ask I bet you have survived being told NO before . Fuel in Florida is always 10 cents higher than neighboring states .