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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chipping away at it

The weather went from very cold, to cold and snowing. We picked up about 9 inches of snow. Later it warmed up and turned to freezing rain. After that it was back to subzero temperatures.

The plow left a soggy mess of slush for snow banks. That might have been a good time to shovel it. One of my friends did just that, shoveling heavy wet snow late into the night. Good for him. I wasn't up to it.

Instead I'm dealing with frozen snowbanks. My new shovel is strong enough to handle banging away at the ice, but I don't want to break it. It took some doing but the mailbox and the driveway are now cleared -mostly. The extra parking space at the top of my driveway needs to be cleared out yet, but that's going to wait. At least that's what my shoulders told me.

I've happy I spent money on good snow tires. The five mile trip into the village was on completely unplowed roads. The little Nissan Versa was plowing snow the whole way. The going was slow, but felt reasonably safe. From the village into the next town the road had been cleared somewhat. Once into town, nothing had been cleared.

The town used to be much better at snow removal. They had more men and equipment and kept things reasonably clear. Now they don't move until the storm is over. So it goes.

At least the sun has finally come out. It's been so dark that my sleep schedule was all messed up. It wouldn't be sunny enough to wake me up in the morning so I'd stay up later and later each night. Eventually I was going to bed at 2 or 3 a. m.. When you don't have a normal job, that stuff can happen. I've gotten used to having bacon and eggs at noon. I kinda like it.

There's more snow on the way before Christmas. I hope it won't be as icy. The grandkids are going to want to go sledding.



  1. I agree with your meal time choice. I sometimes have breakfast foods for supper so I get to enjoy them more, rather than rushing off to work soon after.

    I hope your and your grand kids have a great time.

    1. Breakfast: two or three of the most important meals of the day. :)

  2. After the Solstice the days will begin to get longer. Yay! Don't mess up your back shoveling. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

    1. My back is fine, but I woke up with a sprained hand. No shoveling for me today.

  3. go back and hibernate the winter off in a warm burrow till spring

    you are a bear right?


  4. My routine clock is fixed at getting up at 3 AM and going to bed at 8 or 9 PM. I kinda like it that way, seeing how it gives me three or four hours of peaceful reading time a day, with my coffee. Leaving most of the daylight hours for projects etc.
    Never have been a night owl, figuring that it just leads to overeating and other nasty habits.

    1. My lovey wife and I both worked a lot of night shift, odd hour jobs. We tend towards being night owls anyway, so that only made it worse.

      However, on a boat we adapt to an early to bed, early to rise schedule. After a long day on the water we are ready for bed. In the morning there's always some fisherman who wants to get out early.

  5. Haha. I eat whenever my wife is hungry. Sometimes that's 9am, and sometimes it's 1pm. If I get hungry other times, I just "piece around" as the old folks called it.