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Thursday, February 22, 2018

A day at the spring

Not much going on. Riding my bike a lot. Instead of taking the van to pick things up at the nearby stores, I've been using the bike.

My lovely wife and I did some snorkeling at the springs. Wonderful place with plenty to see. It's pretty amazing to dive right into where the water bubbles out of the rock.

Only big drawback to the park is that the free wifi is only near the office. My lovely wife and I walked up to use it after the office closed. There's a nice picnic table outside. Only problem is that the office doesn't get a breeze and the bugs ate us alive. I'll have to either post earlier or take the van up and hunker down inside away from the bugs.



  1. Not much going on? You're in a beautiful, warm, bug eating place. (I'LL TAKE IT!) while most of us shiver. We have ice and sleet coming down right now. Sounds like you're having great fun. (SIGH!!)

    1. I think a camping site just opened up right next to me . . .

      Just saying.

  2. Looks like beautiful water and warm, too, you say. Except for the bugs it doesn't get much better than that.

    1. It's nice to be able to bicycle over and hop in for a swim. Bugs haven't been bad at the campsite as we get a breeze. No breeze at the office.