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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hunkering Down and Family Time

My lovely wife and I are hunkering down at my daugher's place. Good to see her and her family after all these months. That's the one big downside of long term travel: grandkids grow fast.

We got here Friday night after a day of 70+ degree temperatures. Sunday it's supposed to snow. We'll probably try and stay until sometime on Monday. There's supposed to be freezing rain in the morning back home Monday. By the afternoon it's supposed to be just rain. That I can deal with. If we time it right, we'll avoid the ice part and just have rain.

There's one more leg of travel before we get home. Actually, we won't move into the house right off. We'll be staying with another daughter and her family in the town next to where we live for a bit. That will give me time to get the house opened up. I'd like to install a new water heater before starting up the water.

I have a lot to reflect on about this trip. We are kicking around a number of different ideas about the near future, next winter, and beyond. In the next few months there are a lot of home projects to attend to. That will keep me busy. My lovely wife and I have yet to figure out what we'll be doing next winter, but we have some ideas. More research is needed. Beyond that, we could end up doing anything.

Of course, like anyone else, we are subject to outside influences. We aren't immune to the turmoil in the rest of the world. Even simple things like minor changes in our health can make a big difference on what we do.

Enjoying our visits, but looking forward to being under our own roof again.



  1. There are always changes in our lives and sometimes it's difficult to make changes. We travel in our caravan for 4-6 weeks at a time these days but before we retired we thought we might travel for 6-12 months. I always miss the grandchildren and also like to get back to our house and friends too. Travelling is not as relaxing as it used to be, traffic is heavy in cities and the backroads and minor roads often cause damage to the vehicles even with careful driving. I hope you have a good time back at your home and keep blogging where ever you decide to be.

    1. The roads are crazier than ever. That's one reason why I want to spend more time on a boat. Life makes more sense at sailboat speed.

      Our decision to visit the in-laws in Texas was a good one, but added 1800 miles to an already long trip.

  2. Whatever you do I hope it brings contentment and happiness.

  3. I always enjoyed vacations, almost as much as coming home.

  4. Speaking of parking it, my coach has been parked in my driveway for over a year. Guess I should sell it.

    1. Or sell the house it's parked in front of. :)