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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Back to the motorcycle

I had a bad infection on my leg that's taken a long time to heal. It's still not 100% and I'm not sure it ever will be. There was some nerve and soft tissue damage. Whatever. It's good enough. One project in particular got put on the back burner: repairing my old KZ 900 motorcycle. Now I'm back at it.

Other projects have kept me busy since my lovely wife and I got home from our travels. With those under control, it's possible to get back to my fun motorcycle project. Over the last few days space has been cleared in the basement around the old bike. Tools, parts, and overhead lights were gathered together. The mechanic's manual was dug out of my office so I acutally knew what to do.

It was a simple thing, but I was able to finally change the clutch cable. There's still plenty more to do: install the gas tank, replace the rear directionals, new battery, oil change, and a new muffler. That should bring it up to state inspection standards. All the necessary parts have been gathered over time.

The seat cover is ratty. Paint and polish would help it's look. The bike will never be a restored show room piece, but it will run again. Rather than worry about using original parts, I was more concerned with getting free or discount parts. They will do the job.

Will I actually ride the beast? Sure, why not? That's the point, isn't it? Okay, I'm not a kid anymore. Maybe I'll end up selling it and putting the funds towards a sailboat. That would be the smart thing to do. Of course, I have a new helmet and decent safety gear, so I might just keep it.

Right now it just feels good to tinker with the old girl.



  1. Wish I could have learned to ride. Tried a motorbike once. Couldn't even master that so I gave it to a friend. Love being a passenger.There's something about the wind in your face and the view. Rain hurts like the dickens, though.

    1. Have you considered a scooter? They have automatic transmissions so no messing with a clutch.

  2. Could you get a side-car rigged up for it, for groceries or the missus?

    1. Not a fan of sidecars. However, she used to ride on the back without any problems. Also have a small rack that can carry a few things.

  3. Replace the tires!! Old tires on a bike are not good.