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Monday, April 20, 2020

Quarantine Update

Things are getting pretty crazy out there and it’s too early for crazy. Quarantines take time to work. When they are broken, they are broken. All those folks who are so anxious to get back to work and resume normal life are only going to make the pandemic worse.

Now I get that people are running out of money and have food insecurity. That just shows how badly the Federal government is handling this crisis. There are third world countries that are taking better care of their people. We should be doing better than places like El Salvador, but we aren’t. Then then are countries like South Africa that have a hard lockdown but not enough provisions made to feed people. They have riots in the streets now because people are running out of food.

Your financial overlords want you to go back to work. They may have to let their seventh vacation home go. Go back to your low wage job so they can continue the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to.

Guess what? it’s not going to happen. Just accept the planet is going into a deep depression and plan accordingly. That’s already baked into the cake. Financially, a lot of us are going to be in trouble. However, you don’t have to also suffer from this illness too. The fatality rate is bad enough, but survivors also suffer lifelong damage.

Scientists say we won’t really have this beat until there is a vaccine. They also say that vaccines might not even work. The coronavirus might be mutating fast enough to prevent that from happening. It’s also possible that humans don’t develop a strong enough antibody response to keep from being reinfected. This is a new disease and it will take time to figure out.

My thinking is that the longer one can avoid infection the better their odds are. There’s a lot of effort going into the search for treatments and a cure. Those who get infected a year or two from now will have the benefit of all that research and experience. Even better will be those who go the distance and don’t get this at all. The least I can do for my overworked friends in the medical system is to not be part of the freaking problem.

I’m high risk so that’s my goal. Fortunately, my daughters are taking this seriously and doing what they can to help me avoid risky behavior. I am truly blessed.



  1. You presumably know that in a quarantine you remove SICK people from the public-right? Where exactly are they doing that so it can have time to work?
    Johnny Gee

  2. the mask is an improvement

    you should have started wearing the mask years ago

    carry on

  3. "That just shows how badly the Federal government is handling this crisis."
    Everybody's an expert. The Federal and local governments have greatly over stepped their bounds as it is. It's pathetic to observe how most people are allowing our rights and freedoms to be taken away.
    "Your financial overlords want you to go back to work. They may have to let their seventh vacation home go. Go back to your low wage job so they can continue the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to." Typical Commie speak.
    Sure there's problems with corporate America, but Capitalism is the best system out there. Lets hear you all cry when your 401 K's evaporate along with your pensions...and that is coming very soon. Even the Bible advocates working for a living. And accepting your wage without complaint.
    We as a people have lived far too long fat, dumb and expecting instant gratification NOW.
    You haven't seen nothing yet...and it isn't the government gonna save yer A**. Nor should it be expected to. Get a grip and practice what your grandparents had to do.... Come on...less than 5 % fatality rate and THOSE numbers skewed Way out proportion.

  4. Says it all...listen

  5. Yes, you are blessed and your new look is rocking it. Kudos. Hope you get to stay well out of the way and ignore the noise.

  6. I'm not going to argue with anyone. This is my best assessment of the current situation and want to share it. Maybe it will help you. Maybe not. Remember, your life and the lives of your loved ones are one the line. Make good decisions.

    1. Always the good diplomat and gentleman.

      Bet you and I are better prepared than the heckler is ha ha.
      Doing fine here still. No worries hopefully , canned goods will be available when the stimulus check's get here. Because every bit is going for such...
      Bet that heckler person will use his to make a payment on his F350,or his wife's BMW LOL...

      Haven't had to tap into stored food yet , other than normal rotational items.
      Taking advantage of the low fuel prices.

    2. I tapped into the stored food when we got home and quarantined for two weeks. Not so much since. Glad to have it waiting for me. We were able to avoid contact until we knew for sure we were virus free.

  7. Heckler ? What Heckler ?
    Those that speak truths, or at least say things you don't want to acknowledge as correct, are 'hecklers" ? So leftist.
    FYI..I haven't had a car loan or mortgage for 30 years. Home and business ..I own outright. I am well off food,firearms,ammo and other resources to comfortably keep me/family . Because? I prepared and didn't become Fat,Dumb and just another sheep.
    BTW..those low fuel prices /? The nail in the petrol dollar. ENJOY Ya'll really should look into things and wise up. Franklin said it best...don't deserve either...
    I'm a heckler ? HaHaHa

    1. Yes those who mouth insulting words about others of whom they know nothing.
      Are hecklers

  8. I just ended my 32 hour ambulance shift intubating a previously healthy 54 year old father of two.

    But, by all mean, carry on.

    I'd hate to inconvenience you just to slow the spread of a highly infectious and lethal disease.