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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sharing Spaces

Many of us are in some sort of quarantine. The exceptions are those who have to work in critical jobs. Even those people end up home after work. Might as well. Everything is closed anyway.

For a lot of people this is the first time they’ve spent so much time with their significant other. I’m reminded of a guy who once worked with me. He decided he was going to retire. His wife of many years realized he was now going to be home a lot more. After that epiphany she filed for divorce.

For those folks who really don’t get along, it’s got to be hell. The dog may even start to wonder why he’s being walked fourteen times a day.

My lovely wife and I just spend many months sharing small spaces together. It started back in October when we took a train from Boston to San Francisco. Those roomettes are pretty darn small. Then we spent two and a half weeks sharing a small apartment in California.

It wasn’t long after getting back that we headed south for the winter. Most of that time was spent sharing a tent. If that wasn’t small enough, we also slept on a 19 foot sailboat. We really could have dealt with having a bit of time away from each other when we got home. Nope, we are in quarantine.

After the kids moved out I used to think the house was too big. I was wrong. The house is big enough that we can actually be on separate floors, doing our own things. It’s more space apart than we’ve had in months.

Good thing she loves me.



  1. My wife and I have spent the last five months in a 5th wheel trailer. We've been doing this for the last seven seasons. We've even stayed 150 days in our truck camper. Point being is being quarantine at home is like being in a luxury hotel. I am grateful that I have a very large shop to keep me busy and my wife has the house. Don't get me wrong! We both love each other but a separation is good for the mind. We're good for the long haul!

  2. The above comment is NOT an April fool joke!

    1. Glad you guys made it back safely. This could certainly turn out to be a long haul. Be well.