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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Better than sunglasses

My eyes are light colored and sensitive to the sun. I’ve always worn sunglasses, but I’ve found something better.

I get my sunglasses at the building supply store. Mine are safety glasses. Many of them look like regular sunglasses, but have better coverage and impact protection. Really good ones cost about $30. As an added bonus, they tend to be resistant to breakage and scratching. Using safety glasses as daily wear means your eyes always have that little extra level of protection.

Shooting glasses work pretty well too, but the good ones are bit out of my normal price range. Many of them look a bit clunky so most people won’t wear them as regular glasses. Still, if you find a pair you are comfortable with, they do provide good daily protection.

If you are going to wear sunglasses anyway, might as well protect your eyes from more than the sun’s rays.



  1. I got so very lucky last week, a buddy gave me a pair of prescription bi focal safety glasses with the side wings, his insurance paid 350 bucks for them and I can actually see now.

    Gotta love friends.

  2. Can't work worth a damn when you can't see. Good friend.