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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camping Pics

Here are some photos from our coast of Maine camping trip.

I’ve had some requests on how the interior of the ambulance to motor home conversion looks. Here are a few real life photos.

This photo is from the open back doors. The bed is set up -and kinda messy after a night’s sleep.

The 12 volt cooler was moved near the door for easy outdoor access. The microwave and dry foods area can also be easily accessed.

My granddaughter thought she was a monkey. All the original cabinets are still in place

Old Sixbears tuning up the pack guitar. I strummed a bit by the campfire.

Here’s a nice little sailboat we met out on the bay.

Good times with friends and family.



  1. Sixbears, Where did you go camping? I love what you've done to the ambulance. It sure looks like you had a wonderful time camping and being with family. Have a wonderful evening.

    1. Chewonki Campground in Wiscasset Maine.

  2. I agree with Sandy, you did a great job on the ambulance and I am sure you will get a lot of hours and miles of enjoyment out of it.

    1. Still tweaking it, but we had a successful trip.

  3. The "tweaking" part of an RV is never ending.

  4. Looks like a great time as had by everyone!

    Than camper is coming right along, buddy! Looks pretty good right now!