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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Floods

I've been watching the rain come down. We've a pretty good snow pack still, so the rivers are nearing flood stage.

My house is located in the hills. For it to flood, God would have have lied to Noah. Just because my house is not in a flood zone, doesn't mean flooding doesn't affect it. There have been a few occasions where every road out has been flooded. Usually it's not a problem for more than a day or two, but it does happen.

People usually have some idea how well their house is situated for immediate threats, but you've also got to look at the big picture. How will the rest of your area be affected? What goods and services could be cut off and for how long?

Storms can cut off individual houses and communities for not just days,but weeks or even longer. Just across the river in Vermont, Hurricane Irene destroyed roads and bridges over a wide area. Some places will never be the way the were before.

Normal preps have always carried me until the roads reopen. Does anyone ever regret being prepared?



  1. As long as your house doesn't slide down the hill, you will be OK. I am sending some sunshine up your way cause tomorrow it is suppose to start raining here. We need it.

  2. I'll gladly trade you some of my rain for some of your sunshine.

  3. No one i know has regreted being preppared. Hope it dries out for you.I spent my day watching pollen clouds sweep across the field and pond.Went out side with a cup of coffee in 2 minates it had turned yellow on top from pollen.

    1. Eventually pollen days will come here too. Looks like a cold snap is going to stop the melt for a day or two.