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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Republic of Forwhitchitstan

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. . .

That's about all we have left: a tattered flag, and a fictional republic.

I'm burned out. People are upset: warrentless searches, drones in our skies, police state, corporate fascism, inequality before the law -and so on.

Where did you all think this was going to end up? Weren't you paying attention when the Patriot Act was passed.

Now I only skim the articles. I was angry years ago when I saw all this coming. Now it's here, but my grieving was done a long time ago.

These days I'm living in that republic I've pledged alligecne to so long ago: Forwhichitstan. All hail Forwhichitstan! The republic of the mind and of jokers. It's at least as real as the Republic of the United States -maybe more real these days.



  1. And we let it happen. Shame, shame on us ...

    Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

  2. Phyllis has a point...but in truth, we didn't let it happen so much as we the people were ignored. They, the rulers, did it to us....

    I too have 'given up.' Just try and keep your head down.

    1. You're right, we've just been ignored. Money talks, and I don't speak loudly enough.

  3. i don't think we let it happen. it was done against the will and protest of the great majority.
    sixbears, you say it can be fixed. how?
    we know that Satan is the mastermind but who exactly are his puppets?
    if there were an armed confrontation we would only be killing each other, not the brains behind the operation.
    every election season we try to vote for the least harmful candidates.
    there are those who say we shouldn't use that as our criterion but i know no other way.
    here in youngstown an election is coming about which we have heard very little. i wonder why.
    the big question is about fracking and the pro-pollution forces are spending big $$, harping about 'lost jobs', to get their way.
    what about lives lost to cancer for ages to come?
    the earth is drying out and water is the gold of the future. only there won't be any drinkable water left.
    by the way, a certain very prominent family has bought acres and acres of paraguayan land over the world's largest untapped underground, unpolluted, sweet water supply.
    our troops have been down there for ages protecting this family's interests.

    'all for us, none for the rest of the world'.

    praying is the only answer.
    maranatha, Lord Jesus!!!
    deb harvey

    1. We can rebuild the country, but it has to be from the gound up -family to family, neighborhood to neighborhood. We have to change the way money works and we have to starve the beast.

      It's not going to be done with armed revolution as that's the sort of fight they like. I shun and shame those bastards and fight them in ways they can't defend against.

  4. That is where it all exists anyway, in our minds. It is an idea, nothing more. An idea which has been driven out of most Americans' minds. Once that idea can be revived in people's minds we will run out the thieves, the traitors, the liars and murderers. But it is going to take a long, long time because our enemies have been pounding their own ideas into our heads... Meanwhile I will join you in Forwhichitstan...

    1. The amazing thing about ideas is that sometimes really good ones have a way of coming back.

      One can hope.

      They've tried so hard to brainwash us, but reality has a way of slapping us on the side of the head.

  5. all now sing

    "bye , bye, american pie"


  6. The Pax Americana has run it's course.