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Friday, July 26, 2013

Mariner's disease, again.

I can't help myself. Even though I told myself I'm not really in the market for another boat, Craigslist called to me.

There's a MacGregor 25 in the town right next door. I have to go look at it. The photos show a clean boat in good condition. The price is right too.

Now I know some people are not fond of the MacGregors. They are a mass produced boat. There's no doubt about that. The MacGregor 26 is more of a powerboat, but the 25 looks more like a traditional sailboat. It has a heavy swing keel, a tiller, and is not designed with a planing hull.

A boat must fit my needs. Being able to be trailered is a requirement. Shoal draft is necessary for the shallow waters of Florida. The cabin is a heck of a lot roomier than my little Oday 19.

The boat is for sale because the owners never get a chance to use it. With any luck, the boat's been gently used. We are a good distance from the ocean, so there's a chance it hasn't seen much salt.

Of course, it's an older boat. On the bright side, they have a track record and the common problems are well known. I'll know what to look for.

I've looked at two other MacGregor 25s over the last few years. One I almost bought, but they wanted more than I was prepared to pay. The second one was a wreck. Didn't want it even if it was free.

My lovely wife and I will check it out on Saturday.



  1. Yep, you got it bad.
    The symptoms are very similar to British Car Disease.

    1. Noooooooooooooooooo! Not BCD.

      Okay, now I know how bad I've got it.

  2. You're sure to make the right decision...

  3. Macgregor BAD ! Cheap construction thin hulls

    Catalena 25, good ! Thicker hull, trailerable, better rigging and overall construction.

    Can be had for around 5K, if you shop.
    I'm looking myself, perfect Bugout vehicle which can be parked in the yard....

    1. Yeah, I know you don't like the Macgregor and like the Catalena, What can I say?

    2. Actually never owned a Catalina 25, but a friend did and I liked what I saw. When he had the Catalina , I owned an Oday 20. We loved our little boat, the mast was easier to put up and my friend had to strugle with his Catalina as the stick is quite a bit taller.
      Such is the dilema of trailorable sailers. Which is why a 25 is about as big as one should go. Yet you really must have the space for long duration storage that a littler boat cannot provide.

  4. Hey, it never hurts to have a backup, just in case! doesn't hurt to look!