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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Goofing off

I pretty much took Sunday off. A friend's wife is away at a wedding so we invited him over for Sunday dinner.

After dinner, we took him for a ride on the lake in our sailboat. Yes, we take all our friends sailing, with the hope that some of them will catch mariners disease and want to run away to sea. We know a lot of cool people and just want to share a lifestyle we enjoy.

We start them off slow, as passengers. After a bit we have them trimming the jib sail. Eventually they end up with their hand on the tiller. Sailing isn't that hard: a stick in one hand and a string in the other. After that it's just practice.

“I want to retire,” he said.

Oops, we might have succeeded too much. He's in no financial position to retire right now. Then again, so what? Maybe he'll find a way to make it happen. He had some ideas before he left, so who knows?

In a day or two, weather permitting, we'll put the boat on the trailer. There's a lot of little repairs and upgrades to do before our trip. Putting off those jobs has been the easiest thing in the world. Days good enough for working on the boat are also good enough to go sailing. However, the clock is running, days are getting cooler and we don't to be delayed.

Maybe one of these days well meet up with old friends anchored off a warm southern beach somewhere.



  1. Retiring is easy its making ends meet that takes some doing.:}I hope you warned him about how fast a clock and calander moves once you retire.Once retired time seems to go warp speed.I guess thats why we always have things that need done.

    1. The ends keep moving, darn it!

      Time does seem to race a head. Maybe it's because we aren't at a boring job, watching the clock. When you are doing what you want to be doing, there's never enough time.

  2. Ditto. So much to do - so much fun doing it. I'm finding that the key is to not stress about what I don't get done. There is always tomorrow.
    Time for a new blog title: Sixbears All At Sea?

    1. And tomorrow never comes, so we are all set.

      A smart person would rename their blog or start a new one. I'm going to just keep on keeping on, land or sea.

  3. I'm glad that you were able to share the sailing fun with a friend!

    Getting about time to load up and go, huh?

    1. Getting there. We have a hard time pulling the boat of the water, as a good day for that is a good day for sailing. :)