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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And then there were none

So the van in the shop, waiting for my very busy mechanic to get a look at it. Yesterday my lovely wife comes home and says the brakes on her car are soft. Yep, it's leaking brake fluid from somewhere. That's two vehicles out of commission.

We are down to one bicycle -which is working great by the way. Sometimes I think it's a mistake to have machinery more complicated than a bicycle. Of course I think that way on pleasant sunny days when I don't have very far to go or much stuff to move.

The canoes are working fine. One of these days I'm going to take a canoe into town. Its a little over a two mile walk to the river, not all that hard using portage wheels. After that a pleasant 12 mile paddle puts me into town.

I do miss living on a simple sailboat. I did have problems there too, but they were small problems. One of these days we may live on a boat full time. It will not be a big one, nor will it be complicated.

Realistically though, we'll rely on family and friends for any transportation needs until something gets fixed. If you are gong to live out in the boonies, better have some community to rely on.



  1. Or a good set of legs and a pack animal.
    Seems this method has worked for thousands of years.
    Of course for the old and infirm...
    Treat your friends and family well when younger heh !

    1. Some people are fond of pack animals. Some ain't. I'm in the ain't category. Guess I'll be the pack animal. Legs are still good.

  2. That's why we moved closer to our sons. We know they would help if we needed it.

  3. I lived on yachts for more than ten years and I've been on the road for fourteen. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but I prefer the road...

    1. You are in a position to know. We are going from home, to road to boat, all in the same year. Busy busy . . . maybe too busy? Naw.

  4. my spouse told me cars that are reliable and easy to service are being made here and shipped to china. but we can't have them.
    years ago gene logsdon says a tractor easy to maintain and with iron wheels was shown him when he worked for organic gardening magazine. he wanted one but was told no, only for foreign export market.
    the machine companies are squeezing us for millions by the intricate designs of their products
    deb h..

  5. Yup, there's a lot to be said for friends, neighbors and relatives. My wife tells me not to "bother" them, but a little contact now and then can be helpful, especially when they know that you'll help THEM.