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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Walk in the dark

My van's been having issues due to a load of crappy diesel fuel. I thought the problem fixed as I went all the way from northern NH to Boston and back without any issues.

I was wrong.

The universe had a good laugh at my expense as the van died a little over 2 miles from my house. I tried to clear the problem but with no luck. Whatever clogged the line somehow made it past my transfer valve. No matter which tank I used it would feed into a plugged line.

Just to make things more interesting, the van died in the middle of a cell phone dead zone.

My lovely wife stayed with the van while I had a pleasant two mile walk in the dark to fetch her car.

At least it's off the road in a parking area where I'll be able to work on it. The job should go a lot better in the light of day.

At least it didn't die in Boston. That could have been nasty.



  1. Better than Boston is right, but it was still bad enough.

    1. At least my life is never boring.

    2. In Boston you'd have been a thirty seconds walk to a restaurant and shelter and three minutes away from a tow. And there are no cell-dead zones.

      Last time I needed a tow I was two minutes North of Boston and the truck was there before I had time to hang up.

    3. What kind of fun is that? Actually it would be in the middle of a narrow street and I'd be 40 seconds away from being murdered for blocking traffic.

    4. Actually, i once blew a transmission in MA on my truck. Yes, service was there, but for the twice the flippin price -plus tax.

  2. Maybe the van just has a french fry stuck in her throat! :-)