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Monday, September 22, 2014

Boat paint

The predicted rain stayed away and temperatures climbed into the 70s. Good day for painting.

Here's the current color scheme of the little boat project. Cabin top, white. Sides, gold. Cockpit, gray. The interior of the cabin is white with a gray. floor. All the paint is exterior latex. The bottom will also be gray.

The white and gray. are left over from touching up the exterior of the house. The white is window trim and the gray. is deck paint. The gold paint was something that the paint store messed up so it sold at a steep discount.

The paint job inside the cockpit looks like a dog's breakfast. Okay, maybe not that bad, but lord it ain't good. I may have put almost as much paint on myself as I did on the cabin. My lovely wife volunteered to tidy it up later.

Portholes, deckplates, cleats, and orelocks are ready to install. After that it'll be time for a water test. The leeboards have been started and I have a pretty good idea on what the rest of the rig will look like, so the sailing rig can be added later.

It is coming along. I'm not married to the colors. The boat will probably change color many times in the coming years. (depending on what paint is available)



  1. You might want to paint it the color of the areas you most frequent, so you can be less noticeable to passers-by.

    1. easy enough to do. I should keep a few quarts of paint handy to change color as needed.

  2. Thanks for the photo's!
    The boat looks bigger than I thought. When do you plan on testing it in the water?

    1. Biggest little 12 foot boat there is. Rain is holding the final paint job off, but soon after that it'll get a test.