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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Boats and travel plans

My little 12 Ooze Goose project is moving along. It's at the filler and sanding phase. That's pretty tedious and doesn't look like much has been accomplished at the end of the day. I thought I'd be putting on the last coat of epoxy before painting. Instead it was a day of mixing little batches of thickened epoxy to touch up gaps and joints. One more sealer coat of epoxy that then it's time for paint.

If the weather holds I should give it a water test before the week is out. There sailing rig is barely started, so it'll be a matter of testing its rowing capabilities. The sail rig can be be finished inside if need be, so the project won't be so weather dependent.

My lovely wife and I are still trying to figure out what kind of boating we want to do this coming winter. All we know for sure is that we want to spend some time in Florida and some time in East Texas. The 12 foot boat would allow us to get into some really shallow areas and explore rivers and freshwater lakes. We know what our 19 foot Oday is capable of, so that's a consideration.

I've modified the Goose's plans and stretched the cabin a bit for more leg room. One of the things we are going to test is to see how my wife and I will fit in the cabin. It's going to be tight, but will it be tight cozy or tight claustrophobic? Should it would out, we'd like to take the boat back to Calidesi Island. The Florida State Park marina only charges $1/foot. Imagine staying on an island paradise for $12/night. Actually, staying on the 19 foot Oday was a bargain.

There are some interesting places we've yet to visit. Anyone else remember when a road trip required piles of guidebooks and pamphlets? Now it's all on the Internet.

Financially it's pretty much a wash which boat we'll take. The trailer for the Oday needs new tires, but so would the trailer I'm adapting for the Goose. The Oday is in pretty good shape. The sails are getting old, but would survive one more season. Just about all the parts and materials needed to finish the Goose have been paid for. No matter which boat we decide to take, I'm committed to finishing the boat project.

This year we won't leave the frozen north until after the holidays. I only hope that nasty Polar Vortex holds off until our escape.



  1. if it freezes just add ski's and go ice sailing


  2. Put the smaller one in the van and tow the larger one, then you will have a choice when you get to the southern cruising waters. Or maybe the small one will fit on the top of the big one. The masts do fold down, don't they. If the lower boat mast is in the way, just put risers on the side to raise the smaller boat up a wee bit. Just a suggestion. But then, what would you do with two sailing boats. . .?

    1. I actually gave that some thought -bringing both boats. Then it occurred to me that making a simple decision will save a lot of work.

  3. Sounds like the fun stage...planning! Always good to have a back up plan. Maybe the test runs with the new boat will make a decision even simpler, ya know?

    1. Nothing like some real word data to help the decision process along. The boat tests will help a lot.

  4. I know you don't care to take and share photo's of your projects but I know I would like to see the progress non the Goose and how you plan to fit in the cabin with all your gear!

  5. Also I've seen tandem towing of trailers. Hook the goose behind the O'Day. I've seen an individual do this.

    Have fun.