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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Harvesting the junk pile

Snow and freezing rain finally came to an end Saturday morning. The sun came out and temperatures rose into the low 50s. It felt wonderful to see the snow melt away. Perfect weather to knock off a project from my list.

It was a good day to tackle the brickwork around my stove pipe. I'd hopped to be able to repair it, but in the end everything got ripped out. The old red break was replaced with commercial firebrick for industrial boilers. A few years ago a friend of mine worked as a boiler maker's apprentice and scored some left over brick. I knew the day would come when it would come in handy.

Originally the brick was going to be used in a rocket stove project, but I decided to invest in a kitchen cook woodstove instead.

To the untrained eye it would appear that there's some junk stuffed under my deck and in my basement. It's not junk, it's just treasures that haven't found a use yet.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter. I'm spending it with friends and family. The weather here is cold, but the people are warm.



  1. Totally agree on the treasures. I enjoy watching some of the Alaska shows because they put the lie to the whole idea of "junk."

    1. I even get to raid my friend's "junk" piles at time. His wife thought it was all garbage, but when they need money he kicks around the pile, pulls something out and sells it on ebay for decent money.