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Sunday, March 20, 2016

In half a year

With the exception of a quick trip north to bury my father's ashes, my lovely wife and I have been gone for about 6 months. A lot happens in six months. If you live it day by day it seems not much changes.

Six months is about as long as my lovely wife wants to be away from our home in New Hampshire. Beyond that too much changes, especially the grandkids. Skype is nice, but it's not a hug.

Houses have been built and others torn down. People have married, divorced and some have died. Stuff happens. Five of my friends are in the process or have just completed writing books. Must have been the winter for it.

While it was a mild winter, it was a pretty crappy winter for outdoor activities. Instead of snow it would turn to freezing rain or just plain rain. That's not very good weather if your thing is skiing or other sports. I think that's why so many people seem to have put on weight this past winter.

I know I'm not getting as much exercise since I got back. We walked around the lake one day, but since then the weather has been too bad for my liking. The warm southern climate has turned me into a bit of a softy. Just didn't feel like a brisk walk with strong winds and temperatures in the teens. Much nicer to sit by the warm glow of a computer monitor.

We all know what happens to the best laid plans, but I'm thinking about what to do next winter. Right now it looks like we might stay as late as Christmas, then head south. However, I am kicking around some really outside the box ideas for a bit of adventure.