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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Can't resist getting into trouble

Okay, it's no secret that I've never been a fan of Trump. His poor treatment of everyone from women to contractors is well documented. Personally, I'm not fond of rich, loud-mouthed louts from New York.

In spite of that, I really hoped he'd be good for the country. After all, we elect human beings to office, not saints.

So for those of you who supported Trump, any regrets? Any problems with heath care getting worse and more expensive for the average person? Are you fine with an Education Secretary who's only qualification is being a big money donor? How about the Russia scandals? What if there really is something there? Any problem with there being almost daily scandals?

Now if all your news comes from Fox, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. If you listen to news from just about any other news organization from anywhere in the world, you'd be exposed to a different viewpoint.

It is possible that Fox is right and everybody else in the whole world is “fake news,” but that's not the way to bet.

You get no points for claiming what Obama did or Clinton would have done is worse. That's just trying to change the focus.

Now some people I've talked to forgive Trump for all those things because they really hate Liberals, Mexicans, and Muslims. Since Trump is attacking those people, he's fine in their book. Fear and hate are powerful forces.

I'm old enough to remember Nixon. For months I thought he was being attacked unfairly. About the time he fired Archibald Cox I realized he really was a bad character after all. It was tough to admit I was wrong about him.

Do I want Trump to be impeached? Not particularly. Just being a nasty character isn't enough. He has to be found doing real crimes of a serious nature. That, and a Republican Congress has to decide to impeach him. Even if he was guilty, most lack the stones to do it. If he was removed from office, would the country be better off or worse off? The turmoil would be intense and any replacement could be even worse.

I don't even know what to wish for.



  1. Regrets ... yes there a few.

    I had hoped that once he was elected, his 'shooting from the hip' tweets would be much less. I like Trump's message - its the delivery that makes me wince.

    During the election, the mother which claimed Trump was anti-muslim while his son fought in the U.S. military. Instead of attacking the man, Trump could have pointed out that everybody dies, but the lucky ones are those who's death meant something personally to them. The son died trying to contain muslim violence to a different country. Also Trump could have played this as asking peaceful muslims to provide tips on how to stop the
    Bad Guys from being processed here.

    Trump needs to stay on message. I think it is apparent that the media / Dems / Repubs / liberals are fighting tooth and nail from Trump getting his agenda done. Frankly, I think they are just running out the clock, waiting for 2018 elections.

    For news relief, I check out the OAN news network. Conservative based, but much less slant, I think. No multiple person reporter panels which only spout off their opinion, never mind what actually occured.

    Like you, I don't know what to wish for, except I don't what is happening in Europe to happen here as well. We are becoming a powder keg - just requiring a spark for a major upheaveal.

    1. Thank you for your calm and well reasoned comment. It's difficult to have civil discussions in these troubled times.

  2. Unfortunately social media has added flames to the fire. Personally I think Trump should stop "tweeting". While he most certainly may have his opinions, it would be worth his while to keep his mouth shut. I, for one, am sick of it all.

    1. His image would improve if he cut back on tweeting. However, I think we get to see the real Donald.

  3. I didn't use to like him, but I like him better all the time. Yes, I put a lot more stock in FOX and CBN that I do the others, but it's pretty hard to completely avoid all the hand-wringing and lack of common sense on the other channels. They have a FEW valid points but, mostly, they have only lies and innuendos. I would have voted for Huckabee, but he'd already dropped off the ballot by the time my state voted. So NOW, we have to decide whether the nation will be lead by a less than perfect president, or a news media that basically communist.

    1. I like him less and less, but I still like you Gorges. Always a gentleman.

  4. I've always voted person , never party.

    Today you took words right out of my mind.
    Yes , I believe there is cause to have concerns about our future. With everything else happening around the world and here. Now is not the time for irrational thinking.

    1. It's time to believe what we see, not to see what we want to believe.

  5. I voted against Hillary more than I voted for Trump. As such, my expectations are not very high. Given the amount of opposition he's faced (from both parties), he's not doing too badly in my opinion.

    1. It was tough election for me as both choices were not to my liking.

      History will be the judge in the end.

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