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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Careful who you fire

Trump is known for the catchphrase, you're fired! He turned firing people into an art form.

Of course, now that he's President, he doesn't have to always actually fire someone. They are often given the opportunity to fall on their swords. Sean Spicer just took his turn at political seppuku, so he's gone. With Spicer out, Melissa McCarthy will have to find something else to do on SNL. So it goes.

Rumors are circulating that Bannon may be the next to fall. However, things happen so fast in the Trump administration that it's hard to stay ahead of events. He could be gone by the time this posts. The turnover might seem a bit excessive compared to other administrations. However, as an outsider having never held political office before, some personnel churn is to be expected.

It's well within Trump's rights to fire people he feels are no longer a good fit. There are rumors that he's thinking of firing special counsel Mueller. That would be a mistake. It would look too much like when Richard Nixon fired independent special prosecutor Archebald Cox. That led to a series of resignations called the Saturday Night Massacre. Two weeks later Nixon resigned in disgrace.

It would be wise for Trump to avoid looking like Nixon at his worse moment. Trump claims there is nothing for the special counsel to discover, so he should just let the investigation run its course. If there are a few embarrassing facts brought to light, it would be better to endure them and move on.

On the other hand, if there really is something serious going on behind the scenes, the American people have a right to know.



  1. Sometimes I think we know too much.

  2. Actually, Trump is just now getting rid of a lot of the folks he inherited from Obama, and was very much later than most other Presidents in doing so and replacing his cabinet ministers. But, firing will always be his remembrance, I guess.

    1. It seems to be his go to position. That could backfire on him if he's not careful.