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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summer sailing trips?

My lovely wife suggested a sailing adventure on the Hudson River in New York. She grew up on that river so it would be a kind of going home for her. We will have to sit down with Active Captain as a planning tool. Relying on her childhood memory won't cut it.

The Hudson is an interesting river. It's steeped in history so has a lot of fascinating things along its banks. The river is large and tidal many miles from the sea. It takes a fair amount of skill to sail it.

We are also tempted to go back to Lake Champlain, the “West Coast of New England.” It's another great place to get out on a boat. We went there in the early years of owning our Oday 19 and had a great time. There was too much to explore in the three days we were on the water. We could even sail into Canada from the lake so that would be an interesting thing to do.

Last year we'd planned trips on remote Maine wilderness lakes, but thunderstorms caused us to cancel at the last minute. Before we knew it, the New England sailing season was over.

We don't want the days to get away from us this summer. Of course, as I write, there is another summer storm keeping me inside. I hope we get enough decent days to get at least some of those adventures done.



  1. Whatever your adventures, may they be safe and memorable.