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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Glues and screws

Sometimes it's is the small things that matter. Lots and lots of small things. If you are going to do your own repairs, you are going to need a lot of glues and screws. (and nails and zip ties and wires and duct tape and what not)

One thing about living out in the country, the hardware store is not around the corner. You've got to have a good selection of fastening hardware. Often a few screws and a bit of glue at the right time saves you major work later.

Having the proper bits and bobs can make all the difference. Screwing down loose flashing can save your roof from blowing away. When disaster does hit it's critical to have hardware on hand to effect repairs. After a disaster the lines at the hardware store can be just as big as the lines as the gas stations.

Ever since I started living out in the country I've made a point to keep a good selection of hardware on hand. As a practical matter, it's a pain to drive into town when all you need is a half dozen wood screws. Over the years my piles of odds and ends has gotten pretty big. When you buy stuff by the pound, the left overs add up.

Really organized people keep everything stored in various labeled jars and cans. Too bad I'm not one of those people. I do have a pretty good idea where everything is located -unless my lovely wife gets into my stuff and cleans and organizes. Then all bets are off. Oh well. That's why I keep my junk it several places. Yes, even my junk has backup.

Remember the proverb: for want of a nail the kingdom was lost.



  1. I have a rule with my dearest - please do not clean up my piles of stuff. She respects that and I get them out of sight when she requests. It's taken a few years to perfect but is working well.
    But, I have *lots* of piles of stuff...
    ...that are always getting raided, used, swapped and added to.

    1. Glad you two worked it out. I'm pretty bad at the getting out of sight thing. Getting better, but we've only been together 40 years.

      Those piles of "stuff" are darn useful.

  2. When my Grandfather used to walk the fenceline, he always took a hammer, some fence staples and small roll of bailing wire. He claimed nearly any fence emergency (short of a broken fence post) could be fixed with those items. Loose staple - hammer. Missing staple - replace.

    Not having those items on hand required stopping to go back and retrieve them. A waste of time and effort.

    We live in a hurricane area (Gulf Coast) and having materials for quick repair is on hand. Tarps, plastic, plylocks for window plywood covers, duct tape, sand bags - its here on hand. Hope we don't need it but if we do - we have some peace of mind.

    1. Smart man your grandfather. Those small repairs saved big problems later.

      Being prepared is peace of mind. One less thing to worry about when the wind begins to blow.

  3. I have two tool boxes full of this and that just in case. My favorite tool is my egg beater drill my dad gave me oh so many years ago. My stepmother couldn't understand why I was so happy to get it. Power tools are great so long as there's electricity.

    1. I've a bit brace, but you get the idea. I'm big in nonelectric tools, even though I've a number of solar electric systems that could power them.

  4. My son is like you. He even has solar power backed up by generators. Me?? Well, I guess I will just go visit my son when you know what hits the fan. He does live on the back of my property.