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Monday, September 19, 2011

Going nowhere, slowly

My lovely wife and I took the sailboat for a little cruise around the lake today. Except for the occasional gust, there was very little wind at all. It didn’t matter. We were sailing. The sun was out. It was a nice day. It’s not like we had to be anywhere.

This sort of “waste of time” would drive a lot of people nuts. The boat was barely moving. No matter, it was still a fine afternoon. We soaked up the sun, watched the wildlife and enjoyed the scenery. Since we weren’t using the outboard, it was nice and quiet for talking. A sailboat is a great place to visit on a slow day.

There were a few power boats on the lake. They went round and round in circles as fast as they could go. To each their own, but I couldn’t see the point of what they were doing either -not that it’s any of my business.

Maybe sailing is a metaphor for my life. I don’t care that I’m not making a lot of progress. It doesn’t bother me that people are getting ahead a lot faster than me. I’m in good company and the scenery is great.



  1. Sometimes nowhere is the best place to go.

  2. I would much rather sail slowly than run around in an oil fired hurry. Sailing is relaxing, where screaming along in a powerboat, especially in tight quarters, is nerve wracking. Cruising in open water at moderate speeds is enjoyable, but everyone today wants to scream along at 60 knots. No thanks.

  3. Not everyone Craig, not everyone.

  4. Sailing, like life, is not about the destination. Yet is totally about the journey.
    Go SLO, enjoy the trip.