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Friday, September 23, 2011

When plans come together

One of the big bonuses of this blog is that I get a lot of useful feedback. Some of it shows up in the comment section of the blog. I’ve other readers who won’t leave a comment, but e-mail me directly. Some of my local readers actually come and talk to me in person.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that my lovely wife really fell in love with yurts. She loves them so much that we formed a plan to eventually put one on a piece of land across the road and move into it. The original plan was to buy a yurt in about 5 years or so. We’d sell the place on the lake to family so we’d be able to keep using the beach.

One of my local readers stopped by and told me about a yurt a few towns over that might have to be moved soon. There’s a good chance I could buy it for very little money. It might be possible to get it for the price of hauling it away. The basic structure and the platform are in good shape. The company that sold it is still in business so parts are available. Set up instructions can be downloaded free off their website.

While we still don’t plan on actually moving into it, setting the yurt up has a lot of advantages. In the near term, it’d be a great place to build a small sailboat. That’s a project scheduled for next spring and summer. Working in a nice dry space would certainly speed the project along.

After that, I can slowly add the things necessary to turn it into a residence. Of course, it’d be off-grid. I could build a shed next to the yurt to mount solar panels on and house batteries. The shed would also be a good place to put the washing machine. Keep the noisy things out of the living space. The wheels in my head are turning.

Thanks to one of my readers, I may get a huge jump on the yurt project. You guys are great.



  1. Thats great news, its always good to be at the right place at the right time. And if you hadn't posted your thoughts on yurts, the person who let you know about it wouldn't have known - hey, blogging DOES pay off.

  2. It does pay off in the weirdest ways sometimes.

  3. Yurts are portable, so you can always move them to other locations if the need arises. Didn't nomads use them?

  4. sounds like a good plan, may you succeed.


  5. When you tell the Universe what your dreams and goals are it answers in marvelous ways.

    No need to strain and make rigid plans and box our dreams/goals in. Serendipity brings things to pass.

    Sounds like you're in that flow!