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Monday, September 5, 2011

US Postal Troubles

The US Postal service is in deep financial trouble. There’s even talk of them shutting down and going bankrupt. The NY Times article went on to explain how it got into trouble, but for me, that’s not the main issue.

The issue is that even in dirk poor backwards third world hell holes, their postal service isn’t going bankrupt. That sort of thing only happens when capital cities are in flames and enemy armies roam the countryside. How far has the US fallen?

Sure, supposedly all of us are doing everything on-line with a computer these days. Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but I’m not comfortable doing all my business on-line. I still like getting the occasional dead tree magazine. I can mail a package at my local post office. It’s many more miles down the road if I wanted to send something by the brown shirts.

When the grid and Internet go down, mail still arrives at my house. I can still pay my bills with a check and an envelope. Heck, I’ve even been known to hand write a personal letter. (Okay, I am a dinosaur, so what?)

When a country lets basic services like mail delivery fail, it’s circling the drain. Maybe the government should focus more on providing basic services than crashing the system to make a political point or to save a couple bucks.



  1. If they are unionized you can blame the union. If not, then blame management.

  2. You mean my "for ever" stamps will out live the Postal Service? Maybe I better use them up fast.