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Monday, May 27, 2013

Burning the pallets

You know how to tell the heating season has gone on way too long? It's when you start burning the pallets your firewood used to sit on.

I woke up Sunday morning to 32 degrees. No snow at my elevation, 1300 feet, but just a couple hundred feet higher than me, they got 3 inches of snow on the ground.

By Wednesday temperatures should be back in the 80s.

There is a theory that he Neanderthals went extinct during a time of rapid climate change. They could not adapt to changing climate conditions.

You know who did find a way to adapt? We did, of course. Our branch of humanity is pretty clever. It doesn't seem real noticeable on a day to basis, but when push comes to shove, at least some of us figure things out. The beauty of humans is that we can communicate ideas. Once someone figures out how to survive in a changing world, the ideas on how to do it spreads around.

The world is changing. Doesn't matter if it's man made, natural or a combination of both. Darwin did not say it's the strong that survive, but the most adaptable.

Today's adaption is burning the pallets. There's more where those came from.



  1. Guess we better start adapting, 'cause change is upon us, my friend!

  2. It appears the Neanderthals have left traces of genes in almost all of us humans. So they have found a way of a still be around! But that's neither here or there. You're right, we need to adapt or we'll go the way of the dinosaurs! Oh...wait...even they are still around, in the shape of they have adapted, by downsizing!We have to do the same...downsize our own egos first, ditch the politicians ans big business that are trying to prevent change because it's bad for them.

    1. Wise advice, Joel.

      The Neanderthal genes make sense, since I'm only the third generation of my family to stand erect. :)

  3. Yep, the strong (of mind) survive.

    1. Strength of mind is more important than strength of body. That's one reason women are such survivors.

  4. Yup - we are tough old birds. Cold here this morning also, but should go up in the 70's later today. The fireplace is still burning!