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Thursday, May 16, 2013

We Shoot the Whiners

I just discarded my previous attempt at a blog post. It sounded too much like whining. There's a saying at my house: we shoot the whiners. Not only did my children not whine, they'd stop their visiting friends from whining. So the last thing I need is to post something that sounds whiny.

On a positive note, I finished cutting and splicing the side panels for my boat. Sorry, no pics. Batteries in the camera were dead. Before they were charged up again, the rain moved in so everything is wrapped in a tarp.

With any luck they'll be a break in the weather and the project can continue. If you've never built a boat before, add time for the glues and epoxy to dry. That's one reason boat builders never have enough clamps. We build until all our clamps are used up and then the project sits.

The dog keep me company while I work outside. She's quick to defend me from dogs fully half her size. Since she's a beagle/Jack Russel Terrier mix, that's not a lot of protection. When she was a puppy she had a rough time with a few larger dogs, so she's not very friendly toward them.

At least no one comes around unannounced. She puts on a good show when someone comes around the property. (It's the UPS man, come to kill us all!) To give my little dog her due, there haven't been any bears around either. Most black bears don't like growly barking dogs. That's pretty impressive considering I'm aways handling waste veggie oil for my van and bears love grease.

So I've got a plan for the next time I run out of clamps and weather is still good. The dog and I will take the canoe out on the lake and see what the trout are up to.



  1. Haha, I told you there's never enough clamps...

  2. And here I have a river a stones throw away and seldom wet a line. Fresh trout for breakfast I hope...

    1. Make the effort to wet a line now and then -call it a mental health break.

  3. Haven't seen the bears yet but I know they have been here by their tracks left in the mud.
    Lucky you - get to go fishing every day! I'm jealous....

    Phyllis (N/W Jersey)

    1. I could fish every day, but don't get out as often as I should.