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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Actively Disengaged

Seven out of 10 workers have "checked out" at work or are "actively disengaged,"
from LA times, quoting a Gallop Poll

I love that term, “actively disengaged.” Not only do they hate their job, they are actively hostile towards it.

Well duh. Anyone who's been in the working isn't surprised. People are treated like crap, used and abused by employers. No wonder so many are just putting in their time. You know where else people are doing time? Prison.

Give people a living wage, responsibility, control over their environment, rewards for doing well, reasonable work hours and maybe they'll be a bit more engaged.

The only logical response to companies that treat their employees like disposable commodities is hostility. After all, those companies are hostile to the workers.



  1. You must have read the same article that I did. My thoughts were similar. The problem with studies is that they're usually made by well-paid people who like to snoop into other people's lives and then lecture them.

    1. This one seems to be right, judging from what I hear from people. No doubt many studies are slanted. Easy enough to do.

  2. From my experience, I would say these numbers are probably close. There is no such thing as "customer service" anymore. Ever tried to get a repair or replacement under warranty? How many times has an employee gone out of their way to accommodate you? Down here at least, it is like pulling teeth to get someone to help you, especially at a "big box" store. Gotta chase someone down. The few mom and pops left are the exceptions.

    I have actually been told that "there's a hundred trained monkeys lined up at the gate to take your job" (this when I was a control room operator at a power plant). My response? Hire one. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of that production manager's jaw on the floor. That was the end of my participation in "corporate America". There are so many layers of B.S. now piled on everyone that its almost impossible to actually get any work done.

    Silly me thought working for the state might be better. NOPE! Ten times worse with all the red tape, "purchasing procedures" (I shit you not, took three hours to buy a $1.00 bolt. Is it on contract? Available through a Historically Under-utilized Vendor? Is the vendor in the payment system? Is the item available through the TIBH catalog? If it is and you don't buy it from there, what is your justification? Justification approved by management? Is it a recycled item, and if not, what is your justification for purchasing a virgin item?)

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I am so glad I work for a SMALL private company again! You need it, buy it. Just get the job done. Keep the customer happy. No paper work (other than federally mandated bullshit). Hell, I don't even have to log miles or turn in fuel receipts! Somebody figured out that all that info arrives on the monthly fuel card statement...

    1. I once told an employer that I was looking for a job when I found this one.

      Lots of BS in the work world that doesn't have to be there. I took some business courses back in college, just to see how the other side thinks. Got reprimanded for thinking like a worker and taking their concerns into account.

      Told them what I thought of the Just in Time system and they didn't like it. One of the things I pointed out was how fragile it made the system. Right after that a small company that made car brakes went on strike, shutting down all major car companies as they were the only ones making that kind of brake part.

      They professor didn't see the connection.

  3. When our actually decent supervisor was laid off in the cubicle farm, and replaced by some out of state asshole, pretty much the entire department became "actively disengaged".

    1. The company suffered self inflicted injuries. Amazing how they think they can treat people like that and that work won't suffer.

    2. As long as the company's stock price doesn't go down... I work for a pack of retarded monkeys, and all they do when facing trouble is to just lay some people off, get a new CEO who utters sweet nothings in the stockholders' ears, and poof the stock price goes back up.

    3. That can work for a long time, but not forever. Eventually some other company will eat their lunch and their stocks will crash.