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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sobriety Check Point

So there it was, 1:30 a. m. and we were just driving into town and roll up to a sobriety checkpoint. I'm driving, accompanied by my lovely wife and a good friend. We'd spent the evening at a bar listening to a great band. Yes, I'd had a couple of drinks, but that was in 3 hours, plus I had a meal at the bar. While I was sure I'd pass the sobriety test, who in their right mind wants to put up with the hassle? All I wanted to do was get home.

They waved me pass and I didn't even have to stop. In the dark, from the front, my motorhome conversion still looks a lot like the ambulance it once was. They looked at me a bit funny as I drove past and they could see the murals on the side of the vehicle, but we'd already been waved through.

Much easier all around.



  1. Maybe they thought you all were "Ghost Busters" bahahahahah

    1. Maybe I am.

      Hey, whatever works, right?

  2. Hiding in plain sight! Not that you were hiding, but it could come in handy someday!

    1. I must admit, when we were deciding what to paint the vehicle, I was tempted to go with something that looked semi-official.