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Friday, December 6, 2013

Changing gears

My lovely wife and I will be heading down to the Florida Keys next week. We decided to leave the sailboat behind and camp in the van. There's some nice campgrounds in the Keys that we haven't been to in a number of years. Seemed like a good time to check them out again.

We've cobbled together a week in the Keys, staying a 3 different campgrounds: two state parks and a private campground. All these places have excellent kayak and canoeing , so we are bringing the big inflatable kayak. Should be fun.

The inside of the van is clean. Gear has been moved from the boat. It's almost ready to go.

The beauty of van camping is that set up takes less than 5 minutes. It's a pretty low stress way to go. Tent camping isn't all that bad either, especially since we did an awful lot of it. We could set up the tent and organize the site in about 15 minutes. That's faster that some big RVs set up (driven by people who don't know how to use mirrors to back up) Of course, when the rain is pouring down, setting up a tent is a bit of a nasty project.

My lovely wife tells me I might have to buy her a nice dinner in Key West, so I'd better plan the budget accordingly. Sounds good to me.

Sometime after New Year's Day, we'll head back out on the sailboat. Our launch point, route and finale destination is still up in the air. Who knows, we might end up back in the Keys on the sailboat. We've time.



  1. The main things are to stay safe and enjoy yourselves.

  2. Hope you have a blast.Bay of honda has been my dream spot for 3 years mabe one day i will get there.Looks like i will be sailing first of febuary.4 nites cruise to the bahamas.Took a pot luck room 504$ for me and the wife.hope you and your wife luck into a beachside campsite to.You may want to recheck the state park that was full some hold sites for walk in and they arenot avalible except as walk in.first come

    1. Enjoy your trip. We've got 4 days camped right on the beach, so that's a good thing.

  3. What's the point of having a great mind if you can't change it...

    1. Conditions change so we adapt. Our side trip for dental services sent us down a different road for a while. It's all good.