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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pesky bears

I thought I wasn't going to be bothered by bears this year. There had been no sign of them all spring.

They tend to come around my house because I use waste vegetable oil as a fuel for my van. Since they hadn't been around I've been leaving some jugs outside. The sun warms the oil and speeds up the settling process. Most of the waste food bits settle to the bottom of the jugs. Then I pour off the clean fuel.

Last night while I was sleeping a bear got into my jugs. Only three were damaged. Two weren't too bad off.

This is a photo of the worse one.

The bear dragged it into the middle of the lawn, bit holes in the jug, and lapped up a couple gallons of veggie.

All my jugs are now locked away in the basement. I'm going to have to make sure nothing is left out. Once a bear finds food somewhere it keeps coming back to check on the spot. I'll have to make sure he doesn't find anything.



  1. There are even downsides to living in the country, I guess, but I still prefer it.

    1. Me too. Rather deal with bears than most people.

  2. A bear skin rug would be awesome!

  3. I hope you have strong doors. Bears are fairly persistent getting in when they know there is food inside. They can tear trunk lids off of cars so a door or window wouldn't be too difficult for them.

    1. If they really want to get in, they might be able to force my basement doors. They are heavy metal clad doors with no windows. I've made it tough for them, but not impossible. Bears are strong.