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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Talk to the owner

There's a garage where I get my motor oil changed. The guy always treated me right -good fast service for a reasonable price. The price is so good that it isn't worth doing the job myself.

So I pull up in front of the place and some new guy runs out of the building. The dweeb asks if my vehicle is a diesel as they don't change the oil in diesels anymore. So I'm thinking, who the heck is this guy?

“You can talk to the owner if you'd like,” the dweeb says.

I'd planned on it. So I go over to the bays and the owner comes out and we say hello and exchange courtesies.

Eventually we get down to business. He apologized for not being about to take me right away like he used to. Since the local economy slowed down he can't afford to staff the big truck bay. However, if I wouldn't mind leaving the van for the day, he'd work it in. That seemed reasonable enough to me. There are things I can do in town while he's got my van. Later in the day my lovely wife has an appointment so if the van's not ready then she can pick me up.

It's a win win situation. I get the oil change for a reasonable price. The garage gets to do some extra work with their remaining crew.

Then there's the dweeb in the office. I wonder what his story is? Did the poor business owner have to give his brother-in-law some work or something? I've always hated someone telling me something “can't be done.”



  1. So often when you want something done right, start at the top - it's just easier. Hope all went well, and you can start a new and good relationship with the new owner..

    1. same owner, new employee. Wonder how long he'll last with an attitude like that.

  2. Sometimes they forget that the guy who is paying for the job is the BOSS!!

  3. That sort of behavior is usually a case of someone with confidence issues over-compensating.

  4. That would get me fired. I'm supposed to be a solution to whatever problem my customer has. That policy makes for some interesting days but we generally keep our customers unless like a bunch of them lately they just fail.

    1. Solutions can be found if someone's willing to look.