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Friday, July 25, 2014

Boat Balance

Always it's the same dilemma When the weather is perfect for sailboat building, it's also perfect for sailing the boat I already have. My Oday 19 sits just off my beach, about 350 feet from where I'm working on the Ooze Goose. Decisions, decisions.

My lovely wife and I were having our morning coffee outside in our yard. As we were soaking up the sun we heard the song of the halyards. The halyards are the ropes that raise the sails. When it's windy, the halyards bang against the aluminum mast. Wind strong enough to ring the mast are strong enough for good sailing. What could we do? We answered the call.

Temperatures were in the mid 70s. The wind was strong enough to move the boat nicely, but no so strong as to demand our full attention. There were no other boats on the lake. It was just us, the loons, and the osprey.

We stopped to have a late lunch. Then it was time to work on the project boat. After a few hours I ran out of screws and glue anyway, so there was no way I could have spent all day building. It was a good stopping point as the glue needs time to set. In the morning another trip to the hardware store is in order.

With today's addition of a rowing seat the boat is almost ready for a test run. All it needs is the oarlocks installed and it could be rowed. That's real tempting, but I should finish up the rest of it before wetting the hull. Playing with it on the water now would only delay it's final completion.

My sandpaper arrived in the mail today. Maybe I'll test it after it's sanded and painted. I haven't even started the sailing rig. The boat project is at the point where there's a lot of waiting for glues to set and then I'll be waiting for paint to dry. The only thing to do then is to answer the call of the halyards.



  1. Speaking of boats, here is a video of a sailor enjoying life.


    1. He gets it! Pretty good life, isn't it? Good think I didn't discover sailboats at a young age, I'd have disappeared at sea.

  2. Ahhh, the life. Too bad it has to be interrupted by tough decisions. Sounds like you made the right ones.

  3. I know the call of the halyards. It's a beautiful call...

    1. It's a call that must be answered.