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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Boat Progresses

It's starting to look like a boat -an odd little scow of a boat, but a boat none the less.

This first photo is of the big blunt bow. The cabin has been roofed over.

The second photo is from the stern. There's the lazarette with a big white deck plate for access. Past that, in front of the open cabin is a rowing bench that stretches from one side to the other. The space under the seat is open to the cabin, allowing for some much needed leg room.

The big bench rowing seat is a departure from the plans. The plans also called for bench seats on each side. My lovely wife asked if it would be possible to not build them in. She'd rather have removable seating and that's fine with me.

I've an old utility trailer that will be modified to carry the boat. It needs some work. The tires are pretty worn and the springs are tired. A buddy of mine has some heavy duty springs that he's willing to install for me, so that's a relief. Tires aren't too expensive for that size trailer.

I've got to get everything ready in time to take the boat traveling with us this coming winter.



  1. Looks like you have been pretty busy!

  2. I've been able to spare a few hours for the project now and then.

  3. The bottom looks perfectly flat. Is it?

    1. Not exactly. It's got a lot of rocker, but no "V" to the bottom.