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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No adult supervision

My lovely wife is gone on a ten day trip to California. She's visiting family. Our schedule was pretty hectic leading up to her departure. Sleep has been in short supply.

After saying goodbye to my lovely wife at 4 a. m. in Boston, I drove home took a quick nap, then reported at noon for babysitting duty. I was not at my best. Normally I'm a pretty competent guy but I hadn't brought my “A” game. Sleep deprivation will do that to a person. Most of the time I can figure out better things to do with a 7 year old girl than eat Cheetos and play video games. In my defense, I did get her to soccer practice on time.

I hope my lovely wife has a good time in California. In 35 years of marriage, this will be the longest time we've ever spent away from each other.

Day two of babysitting went a lot better. Meals were more healthy and we did lots of outdoor activities.

My schedule is pretty full until she gets back, so I'm keeping busy. I do miss her and try to not think about a whole continent separating us.