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Monday, May 25, 2015

Life changes and intuition

Change almost always brings with it discomfort and sometimes outright pain. Change can come from outside forces: divorce, accident, job loss, illness and so on. Other times our discomfort is caused by doing new things we've never done before. Even if they are positive things we've striven for, they can still upset our equilibrium.

Having had both kinds of change, planned and unplanned, I'd much rather have some sort of choice. It's usually better to deal with change when you can than when you have to.

Everyone deals with change in different ways. I'm one of those people who trusts his intuition. The unconscious mind is a very powerful tool that can be developed and exercised. All of us have had “gut feelings,” or “slept on a problem.” Those are two ways our intuition can communicate with us.

I've been at this a long time. There are signs that things are peculating up from deep inside the unconscious mind. If I'm going through changes or about to, my dreams become very vivid and involved. It's like they've been shifted into overdrive. They've gone from 2 D black and white to 3D living color with full surround sound.

That's when I find myself waking up at 3 a. m. from a deep sleep. The only thing to do at that point is get out of bed for a few hours. Sleep will elude me so might as well do something. Once up I'll start writing things down. Maybe I'll write down some insight that came to me in a dream. Perhaps the dream was just a catalyst -something to kick start my conscious mind into high gear.

Now sometimes the thing that's been bothering me is pretty mundane. Maybe I've been having a hard time figuring out a building project and my subconscious will deliver up a new way at looking at the problem. Other times I'll wake up with ideas that change the direction of my life.

This time around it feels like something between the two extremes. That's good as there's an awful lot about my life I love. That doesn't mean it can't be better. At any rate, that discomfort that comes from impending change is starting to be felt. The only thing to do is to trust my gut and see where it takes me.



  1. You are not the only one that feels like that, Sixbears. Can't put my finger on it, but something just doesn't seem normal. Like waiting for that balloon to pop.

    1. Interesting times, I'll say that.

  2. When change comes, I'm always glad I've got the Lord to keep me steady.

  3. There have been times I wished I had a pencil and paper by the bed to write down the info from a dream that woke me in the middle of the night. If I go back to sleep, I may forget it or most of it. I have solved a lot of mechanical design problems during my sleep back when I was working for a living.

  4. Gorges: when man's skills are at an end, it's good to have faith in a higher power.

    Dizzy: That's a good hint, keeping a notepad handy. Those dreams are fleeting.

  5. My guts have been feeling dread for a while now, a lot of uncertainty but a knowledge that something big and not so good is coming.
    It may be too much of the doomer sites but it goes deeper than that I think and I have learned to trust my gut feelings over the years.
    I have had recurring dreams of searching for something and losing things, trying to hide from something and fighting.
    The most recurring dream is the searching for something.
    It's not a recent thing either, this has been going on for months now.

    I just keep getting the feeling that there is a big change coming and hard times behind it.
    The Boy Scout in me is freaking out that I don't have sufficient food put away and this has REALLY been bothering me to the point I went and looked today and about crapped myself.

    A weeks worth if I stretched it.
    No freezer and the wife refuses to work with me on it, she buys a weeks worth of groceries and that's it.

    That is going to change.
    Maybe then I will quit looking for stuff in my dreams.

    1. A little update is in order I see.
      I know I was sniveling here a while back about not having enough set by and you advised me to get some beans and rice plus some other tips.
      I personally love beans and rice but the rest of this crew is spoiled rotten and never grew up on it like I did so I actually did buy a bunch of canned goods and such and put away in some cabinets out in the garage. The stuff they will eat.This is why I was so surprised the other night when I went out there and half of it wasn't there.
      It's not something I check on often but I know there was a hell of a lot more in there the last time I looked.
      Today, I put 2 and 2 together finally.
      I noticed that I have been getting tuna sandwiches in my lunch here lately and tuna is not something the wife buys a lot of but I had about ten cans of it out there. Now there are 3.

      It's the kid.

      Seventeen, on the football team and lifting weights, he is going to be a very big guy when he finishes growing. Right now he is 6'2" and out weighs me by twenty pounds and he is just starting to fill out.He wore size 13 shoes two years ago.

      He has been helping himself to my stash when he gets hungry and Mom hasn't been getting enough groceries to suit him.

      Now I am going to buy the beans and rice, rolled oats and all the other things I wanted in the first place and that will bring the pilfering to a screeching halt.

      I just wanted you to know that even though I was bitching about it some it wasn't because I hadn't put things away for emergency purposes.
      I just have a 6'2" tape worm prowling around!