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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One thing leads to another leads to fishing

In a previous post I mentioned that I'd decided to use an electric motor on the Oday 19 rather than replace the gasoline outboard. Tuesday I made it happen. The boat's main battery was moved from the cargo hold to the gas tank compartment. All the wires had to be rerouted to the battery's new location. The charge controller for the solar panel was also moved into that compartment. Now the boat is just about ready for a test run.

The only problem is that the little 12 foot Ooze Goose's trailer was parked in front of the Oday. That had to be moved. The boat could use some bottom paint, but that can be done down by the beach. With the boat off the trailer it will be much easier to fix the broken spring.

Since I was going down to the boat launch I might as well haul all my fishing stuff in the boat so I don't have to carry it down the long trail.

So I throw all the stuff I want to leave down to the beach into the boat and drive around the lake to the public boat landing. Unlike the weekend the place is deserted. The launch goes well. It's a short row to my beach, but the predicted rain held off. In fact, the sun was shining. Osprey and loons were busy fishing.

I took the long way around the lake to my beach. Sometimes it's just darn pretty to take the short way home. While I was rowing I thought I might as well drag a fishing line and lure behind the boat. By the time I got to my beach I'd caught a rather nice looking rainbow trout. One thing leads to another.

Now the little boat sits right next to the lake, along with all my fishing gear. Next time I want to go fishing everything is there ready to go.

Some projects may be delayed . . .



  1. Anytime is the best time for fishing! Nice catch!

    1. It's always a good time to go fishing. Actually catching fish is just a bonus.

  2. Hermit's Baby SisMay 27, 2015 at 11:37 AM

    Sounds like a well accomplished afternoon. One thing leads to another, and it all comes out with a delightful ending ~

  3. Rowing is cheap propulsion and gives you an exercise workout. Can't beat that.

    1. Nice to be able to fish without using any gasoline.