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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Boats, boats, boats

My lovely wife ran into someone selling a sailboat and came home to tell me about it. I love that woman so much. We really are not in a position to buy a sailboat right now, but that hasn't stopped her. Should the right boat show up for the right price we'd find a way to make it work.

A little Internet research revealed they were asking way too much for the boat. The asking price was about twice what similar boats were selling for. People have no idea how badly the bottom has dropped out of the used boat market. No matter, the boat wasn't quite what we were looking for anyway.

After several days of rain we finally got a break. The little 12 footer had a foot of rainwater in the cockpit. Good thing I pulled it right onto the beach as it was much easier to bail out. The good news is that new cabin hatch works much better at keeping water out of the cabin.

Once the boat was bailed out, my lovely wife, Brownie the sailor dog and myself went for a row. A couple of loons followed the boat the whole length of the lake. Maybe it was the freshly caught rainbow trout dragging behind us on a stringer that held their attention. Our timing was excellent. We had the lake to ourselves. The guys across the lake were unable to start their big pontoon boat. A young couple were in the process of launching a big powerboat at the boat ramp as we were pulling up to our beach. We were walking up the trail to the house by the time they were kicking up wakes.

Last fall I ran out of good weather before building the sailing rig for the little boat. Ah, the joys of open air boat building. I've got most of the materials I need to finish the sailing rig. Everything is set up and ready to go -weather permitting. Hope to squeeze in that little project.

Speaking of sails, the Oday's are pretty blown out. I'd like to at least replace the mainsail. The old sails are good enough for lake sailing we have planned this summer. However, should we take the Oday south with us this coming winter we'll need something better. Right now I'm looking for a used sail in good condition, or a new one at the right price.

Then again, there is always the chance we will find our dreamboat before the snow flies again.



  1. I'm thinking that I need to learn to sail. Seems like it would be fun...probably good exercise as well!

    1. Hermit's Baby SisJune 4, 2015 at 8:21 AM

      Good luck with that, Bubba! I'd offer to be your first mate, but you know I'm not that good a swimmer ;) How about some fishing instead?

    2. Okay, now I'm picturing the two of you on a sailboat and I'm grinning. Go for it!

  2. Fishing, sailing, rowing; hard to beat that.

  3. Six, I just want to thank you for your help and information a year or so ago about ROKU. I finally got it set up and it's working great. I think everyone needs to look into the free stuff ROKU makes available. The setup was quick and simple and that coming from me an IT illiterate says something. Again thanks for your input.