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Friday, June 19, 2015

Internet down so we went sailing

The local Internet provider had technical difficulties and the whole town was without Internet for a couple of days. My home phone works through the Internet so we didn't have that either. To add to the isolation we are on the wrong side of the mountain to get cell phone service.

I had to drive to the top of the hill to get a signal. Then I discovered my the cell phone microphone was broken. I could hear people just fine, but they could not hear me. Imagine my frustration. Then a small brain storm hit. My new car has a hands free cell phone feature. The car has a mike and speakers. Sure enough, by using the car's system I was able to use the phone. That's how I found out wouldn't have Internet for a few days.

Of course the local thing to do was to go sailing. Just up the road is a good sized semi-wilderness lake about 8 miles long. Just as we pulled in with the boat a friend of mine pulled in right behind me to say hello. He and I haven't gotten together in many months. Schedules and all that. However, he just quit his job and was heading up to his cabin in Newfoundland for a month. As luck would have it he took the back roads and happened to pass by the boat launch. We had a great visit and hope to see more of him when he gets back from Canada.

This was the first launch of the boat this year. It took a bit longer as the rigging was tangled up and the boat needed to be restocked with supplies and gear. We had a great launch and a successful day on the water.

We got back just before dark. Loading up the boat went well. Better yet the little diner in town was still open so we stopped in for elk burgers. Good eating.

Now that the Internet is back up I've got a huge backlog of things to deal with. Never gave any of it a thought while sailing.



  1. Our internet and phone service have been hit or miss here now for over a month. Windstream says it is because they are "improving" the system but I have my doubts.

    Your lake is impressive. Our lake is narrow and has only a minor wide part up at the top. If it looked like yours, I'd never have gotten rid of my Sunfish.

    1. A sunfish is fun, but I like my boat as it's just big enough for for a bunk and has coffee holders.

      Lots of great lakes like that within reasonable driving distance. Great canoe and kayak rivers too!

  2. It's nice to disconnect for a bit. That lake looks lovely!

    1. It's a great lake, and just up the road a bit too.

  3. Best way I can think of to spend the day with the loss of the internet.

    Lemonade from lemons, right?

    1. Just a good way to spend the day period -no excuses necessary. :0)