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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Painting and hiding

My lovely wife is painting. I'm hiding from it. My damaged lungs are sensitive to paint fumes. Painting projects are planned for when I'm out of town for a few days. Unfortunately, the kitchen is taking longer to paint than she hoped.

There are a couple of fans going full blast. By the time we go to bed, I can tolerate being upstairs in the bedroom. The downstairs is pretty much off limits for a good part of the day. Yesterday I spent part of the evening out in the van.

I feel bad that I can't help her. Low VOC paints help, but are not perfect. At least I've been able to sand cupboard doors by removing them and taking them outside. We've had a good run of nice weather and are taking full advantage of it.

It's funny, my lovely wife is all concerned about the colors she picked out, worried that I might not like them. Anyone who does the painting can choose the color as far as I'm concerned.




    non-toxic for chemically sensitive people
    We have also used the tung oil

  2. Man after my own heart.
    You want to paint?
    Have at it.
    I'll be over there.

  3. Painting is hard work, I agree with your opinion of paint color - the worker bee deserves the pick.

    Except for pink. My Grandmother had a bathroom that was COMPLETELY Pepto-Bismol color. The lavatory, bathtub, water closet, cabinets. Everything.

    Maybe it was to encourage guys to not read in there. I spent as little time as I could to leave it. :^)

    1. My mother's wallpaper choices were painful. Had a thing for bright flowers, 60s style. Ouch.