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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Rinse, Lather, and Repeat

Hurricane Irma, as of the time I wrote this post, looks like it will impact Florida. Of course the models have an area of uncertainty. A few hundred miles one way or the other is the difference between disaster and a near miss.

The nation is just now come to grips with the magnitude of destruction that Hurricane Harvey left behind. We really do not need another storm to deal with. However, right now it looks bad. Irma is a huge storm. Not only that, there's another storm right behind it. Then, just to make things interesting, there's a troubling disturbance in the southern Gulf.

It's going to be bad in the Caribbean Islands. Some are better able to handle storms than others. Places like the low lying Bahamas are going to have a rough time.

In the United States my immediate concern is the Florida Keys. If I was there now, I'd be packed up and heading north. Most of the computer models show the Keys getting hit. Here's the thing about the Keys, there's a lot of people on those islands. There is one road in. During normal times traffic backups lasting for hours is common. Getting out at the last minute will be impossible.

Here's one more thing most people don't realize. The only source of fresh water in the Keys is a single pipeline. If you survive the storm, the pipeline won't.

If you've got a boat in the Keys, do your best to secure it, but then get the heck out of Dodge. There are a lot of boats in Marathon in the mooring field. Under normal conditions, it's a pretty protected anchorage. It is not a hurricane hole. It is not a safe place to ride it out. Take a bus, rent a car, book a flight -get out. If you have no money at all, start pedaling on a bicycle. At least you'll make it out of the Keys before the storm hits.

I'm told that hotels in North Central Florida are already booked. Personally, I wouldn't consider stopping until the mountains of Georgia.

Interesting times ahead. Keep an eye on the weather. Remember it's better to leave too early than too late. Don't let worrying about stuff cost you your life.



  1. That disturbance in southern Gulf of Mexico is suppposed to hook back into Mexico with a southwestern track. Directly away from U.S. territories.

    Irma is going to be trouble wherever it decides to track. If you are in its path, you are advised to button up your homes - businesses as best you can, take photos of all your valuables and get out, as the host suggests. Property can be replaced - you and family aren't replaceable.

    Good luck and prayers for your safety.

  2. As of this writing, we're still waiting to see where t goes. If it goes up the middle, then we'll hunker down. If it goes into the gulf we stay put. If it comes up the east coast , we most likely will go inland.
    Too early to decide yet...