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Monday, October 9, 2017

Friends from St. Thomas

My lovely wife and I just got back from a party to welcome back our friends from St. Thomas. They weathered two Cat 5 storms.

Their house was well built and 600 feet above sea level. It survived in good shape, one of the few. They had a generator. The wife insisted they get one when they moved onto the island. In their little community there were only four generators.

Their biggest difficulty was getting off the island. In the end they were able to board a Norwegian Cruise line boat. The cruise line treated them well and even allowed everyone to take their pets. Three days later they were in Ft. Lauderdale FL where they caught a flight to New England.

The husband has applied for work in Maine as there's little for him to do on St. Thomas. He felt that since he has the option to find work off island, he's not going to compete with those who can't leave. They will rent out the house, as it may be years before they go back.

It's estimated that power restoration will take at least three to six months. St. Thomas is a United States territory but not a lot of aid has come from the mainland. In fact, Denmark had donated as much as the US to the recovery effort. That's a little embarrassing.



  1. I'm not making excuses, but I suspect aid is only available to a certain point and things are probably getting stretched thin. I hope it's not to the point that the only way they can get them help is to take it away from someone else.

    1. It's sad that Denmark gives as much aid to a US territory as the US. We are supposed to be the richest country in the world.

  2. And if your friend is willing to travel, I'm sure there is a LOT of work in the Houston Texas area where Harvey put a dent. I'm sure ANYONE who needs a job can find an occupation there in a work crew.

    1. Good advice in general for anyone looking for work. He's got old connections in Maine so his prospects are good there, plus his wife has family in the area.