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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Back on the Road

My mechanic replaced the fuel lines in the Blazer. It was ready by late Monday Afternoon. My lovely wife and I picked it up Tuesday morning. We did some driving around, just to see if anything else was going to fall off it.

In the afternoon we loaded up an office desk that a friend had given me. The seats fold flat giving a good six feet of space. That’s not too bad for a moderately sized SUV. In a pinch, I could throw a sleeping bag in the back and it would be comfortable enough.

By the end of the week we’ll be heading over to Vermont Friday for a weekend of camping at a music festival. After we come home we’ll have a two day turn around before loading up for camping on the coast of Maine. We aren’t going to sleep in the Blazer as we’ll be more comfortable in our tent. It’s big enough for a queen sized double thickness air mattress.

The load out will be a bit different for the Maine trip. We plan on taking our inflatable Sea Eagle kayak since we’ll be on the coast. Might even squeeze in my bicycle.

After our Maine trip we plan on towing the sailboat to a number of places. A few trips might be day sails, but other trips we plan on sleeping on the boat.

All this camping and and sailing should be a good shake down for our winter plans of . . . camping and sailing. Hopefully we’ll work the bugs out before heading south for the winter.

It’s wonderful that my health is good enough to be able to do these adventures. My health issues set me back a lot further than I’d like to admit -even to myself. Fresh air, exercise, and following the good weather should keep me healthy. I can’t afford another winter of cold and misery.



  1. I know you two will be glad to get on the road again. Here's hoping all the kinks are going to be worked out.

    1. If we keep moving, we continue to have the ability to keep moving. Darn hard to restart after a long pause.

  2. I'm glad things are shaping up for you.

  3. Glad you are able to do what you want to do, jut don't over do it, you hear?