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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

New mobility, new options

I searched long and hard for a tow vehicle for my Oday 19 sailboat. Now that I finally have the Chevy Blazer, we should be in good shape for new adventures.

Last fall the plan was for my daughter to use her truck to tow the boat down to the Virginia Intra Coastal Waterway. I was going to then be on my own from there. The plan was to sail down to Florida on the ICW. After that the plan got complicated, involving planes, buses, cars, and another borrowed truck. My health issues postponed the trip until this coming fall.

With my own tow vehicle things are simpler. I could drive myself down to Virginia and then go sailing. The Chevy and the trailer would be kept in cheap outdoor secure parking. At any time I could take a bus or fly back to get it. Then I’d drive down to the boat.

Once the boat’s on the trailer there are options. I could store it in Florida and drive back home for Christmas. After the holidays my lovely wife and I would head south and do a mix of sailing and camping.

One of the potential issues with a fall sail down the ICW is the weather. Mid-October in Virginia could be pleasant or it could freaking snow. This trip is not about suffering. If the weather is cold and nasty a good backup plan is to head directly to south Florida. I’d like to do what‘s known as the Florida loop. That’s where you cross the state on the Okeechobee canal, head down the west cost of Florida to Key West. From there boats loop around to the east coast and head back to the canal. That would be a nice little adventure on a small sailboat.

Of course, after that it’s back to NH for the holidays and to pick up my lovely wife. Then south again for that sailing/camping mix.

In other news another little boat project has revealed its ugly head. It’s raining and the boat’s scupper (cockpit drain) was partially plugged up. While trying to clear the debris out of the scupper hose, it came right out of the hull. While that’s annoying, it’s a lot better to have it happen in my driveway than on the water.



  1. There is always something to fix or redo on a boat. You know the old saying that a boat is a hole in the water that you through money into.

    1. That's true, but I've a small boat so my problems are small.

  2. Just another way of keeping you on your toes, right?

    1. Yep, these little things keep me out of trouble.